Doggie DayCare

As an attentive owner, you want to provide mental stimulation, exercise, and socialization for your dog. Frequently your schedule doesn’t allow time for everything you need to do. Cahaba Beach Dog Park’s Doggie Daycare is the perfect solution for your doggie dilemma.


At Cahaba Beach Dog Park we understand what it means to have your dog in the care of someone else. Our Doggie Daycare was designed to provide peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe and secure while offering your dog a fun filled day of play. Our skilled team will be there to greet you and your dog upon arrival, supply exercise and socialization during his daycare stay, and return a happy dog to you when you come to pick him up.

Two spacious outdoor daycare areas provide ample space for large and small dogs alike. The dogs enjoy the look and feel of the meadow-like artificial turf. This turf allows the dogs to romp and play while keeping them clean and dry. A trip to the Tiki Hut provides a quiet shady retreat for relaxing or an opportunity to run through the house with wild abandon without getting in trouble. After a leisurely nap in the sun, a dip in the splash lagoon provides excitement for one and all. The sports minded dogs can hone their skills as they climb on, jump over and run through obstacles. Even with everything that is available to the dogs, their favorite play toy is always the staff. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell who is having the most fun, the dogs or their human caretakers.

The Cahaba Beach Dog Park team is committed to providing a safe, secure place for your dog to exercise, socialize and have fun.  Bottom line, if you are looking for daycare for your dog, there is no better option. After a day at Cahaba Beach Dog Park Doggie Daycare, you’ll pick up a dog so happy dog they almost won’t want to go home.



Daycare reservations are highly recommended during our busy season. Our busy season is from March to October.